If you want happiness in your family. Do these 8 things.

If you always want happiness and peace in your family, do it.

1. Worshiping a picture or idol of a deity regularly at a place of worship or a temple at home destroys the architectural defects and creates positive energy.

2. Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the house. When garbage accumulates in the house, it creates negative energy.

3. You should not sleep with your feet facing the door of the room at home. This is considered against the rules.

4. When cleaning your home, add a little salt to the water. By doing this, positive energy accumulates in the house.

5. When keeping a family photo at home, it is considered auspicious to keep it in the south-west direction. Putting a picture of all the members of the family in this direction increases love at home.

6. There must be some distance between the fire and the water in the kitchen. Fire element and water element are considered to be opposite to each other. Therefore, if kept away from each other, positive energy is generated.

7. Placing a bowl full of metal coins on the north side of the house is believed to bring happiness and peace in the house due to the influence of Saturn. The north-south direction is considered the direction of the owner of the house.

8. It is customary to keep a water tank on the roof of the house. But architects say such tanks should be on the southwest side of the roof. Water tanks in other directions are considered inauspicious.

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