Goddess Laxmi

Chant this Mantra of Laxmi on Friday to become wealthy.

According to Hinduism, worshiping Goddess Lakshmi on Friday is believed to make her happy easily. Also on this day, the incarnations of Mother Lakshmi, Santoshi Mother, Annapurneshwari Mother and Durga Bhavani are also worshiped. On Fridays, special desserts are served and sweets are also distributed to the devotees.

Special mantras to achieve prosperity from economic crisis

1. Om devasakhaya Namaha

2. Om Chiklitaya Namaha

3. Om Anandaya Namaha

4. Om Kardamaya Namaha

5. Om Sripradaya Namaha

6. Om Jatvedaya Namaha

7. Om Anuragaya Namaha

8. Om Sambadaya Namaha

9. Om Vijayaya Namaha

10. Om Vallabhaya Namaha

11. Om Madaya Namaha

12. Om Harshaya Namaha

13. Om Balaya Namaha

14. Om Tejse Namaha

15. Om Damkaya Namaha

16. Om Salilaya Namaha

17. Om Guggulaya Namaha

18. Om kuruntkaya Namaha

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