Today’s horoscope. Monday Mangsir 1, 2077. November 16.

Today’s horoscope. Monday Mangsir 1, 2077. November 16.

Today’s horoscope for the year 2077 A.D. November 16, 2020 Nepal Sambat 1141 Kachalathva Paru, the year named Pramadhi, Sun Dakshinayan, Autumn, Kartik Shukla Pratipada, Moon in Scorpio, Anuradha Nakshatra, Atigand Yog, Bav Karan. In Nepal, sunrise will be at 06:26 in the morning and sunset will be at 5:12 in the evening. The child born today will be Scorpio. Today, when you have to go out for important work, you will get auspicious results even if you travel in any direction by looking at your whole body in the mirror. Today, Bhaitika, Govardhan Puja and Nepal Sambat 1141 have started. The best time to start an important task or go on an auspicious journey today is from 6:26 a.m. to 7:47 p.m. This time is based on Nepal’s national time. There will also be differences in time, date, constellation, etc. according to the place.

Aries (Chu, Che, Cho, La, Li, Lu, Le, Lo, A) –

There is no sign of work being done. The main work seems to be hampered. Significant time may be spent on other people’s work, or it may be frustrating to be involved in small household chores. Even if you try, your efforts will be in vain. Don’t rely on assurances, they can be deceptive. Expenses for professional work will increase. Please be careful while driving.

Taurus (E, U, A, O, Ba, B, Bu, Be, Bo) –

It is a time to strengthen the bonds of love and friendship and to enjoy marital bliss. Various support and gifts will be available. Meeting a loved one will make the day enjoyable. There is an opportunity to learn new knowledge. It’s time to dump her and move on. Business travel is possible. There will be happiness in married life. Income will increase abundantly.

Gemini (ka, ki, ku, d, e, g, k, ko, h) –

Even if the dispute makes you sad, your self-confidence and courage will not diminish. Family and marital relations will be strengthened. Business travel is possible. There are benefits to trade and industry. Overseas travel will also be beneficial. The timing is fun. But there is a time to compete in order to succeed in any endeavor.

Cancer (Hi, Hu, Hi, Ho, Da, Di, Du, De, Do) –

The mind will be focused on thinking and content. There are many benefits to working in a confidential manner. The good news will add to the excitement. There will be progress in reading and writing. The goal can be achieved by using wisdom. There is plenty of time to get involved in creative work. Gurujan’s special support will be received. There is an opportunity to perform prestigious work.

Leo (Ma, Mi, Mu, Me, Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te) –

The support of influential and great people can be mobilized. Mother’s support will benefit. Social work will give a dignified place. However, health problems can occur. The agreement will increase the frustration and the use of wisdom will achieve the goal. It’s time to dump her and move on. There is an opportunity to correct past weaknesses.

Virgo (To, Pa, Pi, Pu, Sh, N, Th, Pe, Po) –

Energy and enthusiasm will increase. Business or daily activities will be done satisfactorily. There will be opportunities for financial gain. Pilgrimages and temples can be visited. Support can be expected from friends and relatives. Visiting, or observing temples, monasteries or public establishments will give you a feeling of peace.

Libra (Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu, Te) –

The right decision can be made at the right time. The ability to perform will increase. The enemy will also support the work. It’s fun to spend money on fun and enjoyment. Thought work can be done in a timely manner and credibility can be maintained. A little hard work in business, profession and education can earn a good reputation.

Scorpio (to, na, ni, nu, ne, no, ya, yi, yu) –

When courage does not work, something will happen later. Disputes are also likely to escalate in transactions. Respect can be traumatized. Even if it is not possible to move forward as planned, regular work will be done. Eating disorders can cause health problems. Collaborators are rare.

Sagittarius (Ye, Yo, V, Vh, Bhu, Dha, Fa, Dha, Vhe) –

The work that has been stopped can be done by overcoming the challenges. There may be an opportunity to travel far. Investment in business can be increased. You have to be careful about your health. During the meeting, engagement may interfere with regular work. Despite the challenges, self-esteem can be protected. Sustainable income jobs can be found.

Capricorn (Bho, J, Ji, Khi, Khu, Khe, Kho, Ga, Gi)-

Even if you see a small dividend compared to the investment, today’s efforts will benefit the future. Opportunity will come, there is a day when you can take good advantage of being alert. There will be general benefits when you make a big effort. However, today’s dividends may not be safe or secure. It’s time to dump her and move on. Those who lose income can stay active.

Aquarius (Th, Ge, Go, Sa, Si, Su, Se, So, da) –

The work done will be well evaluated. An increase in income will meet the needs of the family. By protecting the rights and interests of the community, work can be done for the welfare of many. Diligence can set a record. There is an opportunity to do prestigious work. It’s time to dump her and move on. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Pisces (di, du, th, j, n, de, do, ch, chi) –

A trip of religious or cultural significance is possible. Even though it is a sad and rainy day, there will be signs of good things in the evening. There is a possibility of meeting a forgotten relative or friend. Relatives or friends can’t even help you with the work you have to do, so if you use your own wisdom and strength, you will succeed in the end.                                                                                                                                      These are only horoscope which are just predicted. One can make their day bright by working hard. These horoscope are assumption according to the Pandits and their knowledge. It is said that many people find these horoscope unmatched and stop believing in it. But we should believe it because it may not be 100 % correct but it may be correct in many cases. So don’t only believe in horoscope and sit there by saying my horoscope is good today. You should also work hard in order to get the benefit as said by the horoscope. Have a good day.

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