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Why Hanuman ji did not bring mother Sita from Lanka?

Why Hanuman ji did not bring mother Sita from Lanka?

Hanuman ji crossed the sea in a single leap. When Ahiravana was kidnapped by Rama-Lakshmana in Hades, Hanumanji went to Hades and killed Rama and Lakshmana by killing Ahiravana.

To get back to Lanka from Hades, he had seated Rama and Lakshmana on his shoulder and had traveled hundreds of kilometers flying in the sky in a few minutes. In such a situation, the question arises that when they went to Sita Mata with the message of Ram in Lanka, they could not bring Sita back from Lanka by sitting on her shoulder? While he killed Ravana’s son Akshay Kumar there, fought with Meghnad, broke the pride of Ravana and returned to India with an open challenge to Ravana by Lanka, why didn’t Sita bring mother.

Seeing Sitaji sitting sad and tortured in Ashoka Vatika, Hanumanji felt sad. He bowed before Sita Mata in a miniature appearance and placed Shriram’s ring and said- ‘O Mata Janaki, I am the messenger of Shri Ram. I have brought this ring, I take the true oath of Karunanidhan. Sriramji has given me this Sahidani (sign or identity) for you. ‘

Hearing Hanumanji’s affectionate words, Sitaji got into the belief that this ring is not fake and this little monkey is not a demon. They know that this monkey is a slave to Sri Raghunathji, kindly by mind, word and deed, but do not know how it came here? It is not even afraid of demons?

Hanuman said- ‘O mother, demons are of no value to me. If I want, I can take you to Ram immediately, but I do not have permission. ‘

‘O mother! Let me take you from here now, but there is the oath of Shriram Chandraji. I do not have the permission of Prabhu (Ram). So hey mother! Be patient for a few more days. Shri Ram Chandraji will come here along with the apes.

Hanumanji said- Shri Ramchandraji will come here and will kill demons and take you. Narada etc. (Rishi-sage) will sing his fame in the three worlds. Then Sitaji said- ‘O son! All the apes will be like your little ones. Demons are very powerful, elusive and warriors, so how will this be possible? ‘

Sitaji said- ‘O monkey son, there is a lot of doubt in my heart that how will monkeys like you cross the sea and how can you defeat the demons?’

Hearing this, Hanumanji revealed his body. There was a huge body of the size of a mountain of gold (Sumeru), which was very strong and valiant in the war, causing fear in the hearts of the enemies.

Then, seeing the great form, Sita ji believed in her mind. Hanumanji again took a small form and Sita Mata gave the blessing of being immortal and eating fruits.

Azar Amar Gunnidhi Sut Hohu. Karahu bahut Raghunayak chohu.
Karahu Kripa Prabhu Asa Suni Kana. Nirbhar Prem Magan Hanumana.

Meaning: O son! You are ajar (devoid of old age), immortal and a treasure of virtues. Shree Raghunathji be very kind to you. Hanumanji became engrossed in complete love as soon as he heard ‘Lord may bless you’.

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