These are the 32 qualities that a woman should have in the scriptures, do you have any?

These are the 32 qualities that a woman should have in the scriptures, do you have any?

According to Hinduism, to consider a young woman to have 32 virtues means that she is absolutely excellent. Socially, it is customary to compare a young woman with whether she has 32 qualities or not.

The quality of a young woman is also given importance in identifying the bride and groom during marriage. A woman with 32 qualities is considered the best. What kind of young woman is described in Hindu scriptures as having 32 virtues? Let’s find out now:

These are the 32 qualities found in women:

1. To be in a circular (round) posture while sitting in Padmasana.
2. The fingers of the hand should be long.
3. The skin on the cut of the finger should be more and more smooth when joined.
4. The skin should be soft and radiant in old age.
5. There should be seven different fragrances in the body.
6. Should be a thigh like a deer.
7. Private parts should be secret.
8.The upper part of the body should be smooth. All the organs of the body should be in order.
10. Shoulders should be strong, wide and round.
11. Arm should move well.
12. Arm should be long.
13. The whole body should be radiant.
14. Having a conch-like neck.
15. Straight chin like a lion.
16. Having 32 teeth. Should have shiny teeth.
18. Having similarity in teeth.
19. Teeth to be clean and beautiful.
20. The tongue should be long.
21. Having the power to taste different things.
22. Having a thin (melodious) tone.
23. Trying to be interested in knowledge on various subjects.
24. Stick to the word (promise).
25. There should be a soft and fine line of hair between the eyebrows. Having straight hair
27. Should not be lazy
28. Ability to influence others quickly.
29. Having a lot of soft and sticky hair on the body and sticking to each other.
30. Having shiny hair.
31. Being shy by nature.
32. To be very confident.

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