If you see such signs, you will get financial benefits, have you also got it?

If you see such signs, you will get financial benefits, have you also got it?

In Hindu Dharma Shastra and especially in Vastu Shastra, the signs of good and bad things can be found explained. What happens in life can be known as auspicious or inauspicious by various signs from different events. Such signs will tell you whether future events will do you good or bad. What are the auspicious signs for gaining money?

1) If the palm of your right hand is itchy, understand that you are getting rich. If you see a cow on the way to the bank, your work is done.
2) If you see a virgin in a yellow robe on Thursday, you can gain money.
3) If you go somewhere and see a beautiful woman on the road, there is a possibility of gaining money. If money falls out of your hands, you can make money.
4) If you see green grass and leaves in a dream.
5) If you see jewelry like pearls, corals, necklaces in a dream, then Lakshmi lives in the house.
6) It is a good sign if money falls out of the pocket while putting on clothes when you are going to do money transaction.
8) If you are in your half pant in a dream and stitching on a cloth, you can get not only money but also respect.
9) Money can be gained if squirrel crosses the road while going somewhere.
10) If you see a flower destroyed in a dream, it also indicates the acquisition of wealth.
11) If you sees urine, semen, or direction in a dream, he can also get money.
12) If you see a camel in a dream, it also indicates that you will get money.
13) If you see your favorite teacher, yogi or religious person, you will get money.
14) If you see an innocent person being acquitted in a dream, you can get money. If you see someone in your chest moving or a virgin in a dream, it is also a sign of gaining money.
15) It is believed that even if the sound of conch shell is heard in the morning, it will be beneficial.

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