What happens when you sleep in these 3 time.

Usually, we sleep at night. But sleep is needed to relieve fatigue or to relax. But it’s time to pay more attention. If you sleep at the wrong time in a resting place, it can prove to be detrimental to your health. According to the scriptures, it is said that one should not sleep during these three times.

3 times not to sleep, what happens when you sleep during this time

Sunrise time

It is mentioned in the scriptures that Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is unhappy with sleeping even after sunrise. No matter how much money such people have, they cannot be satisfied. Such a person always has mental stress. And health is not good. Getting up before sunrise is considered to be very good for health. The time in the morning is called Brahma Muhurat. It is mentioned in the scriptures that it has a special significance. That is why the practice of getting up in the morning to exercise and go for a morning walk is also going on.

Noon time

According to the scriptures, one should not sleep even at noon. Sleeping at this time is also considered bad. It is also said to have a negative effect on health. Stomach problems are seen especially in people who sleep after lunch. Midday sleep also causes problems in the digestive system. Experts say that indigestion and constipation also occur. So it is better to work than to sleep at noon.

Sunset time

Sunset sleep is also considered bad. There is a religious belief that one should not sleep at this time, especially since it is time to worship at sunset. According to the scriptures, a person who sleeps in the evening without any reason cannot easily succeed.

According to religious beliefs, all gods and goddesses visit the earth at sunset, so do not be lazy at this time. However, pregnant or sick people do not feel any guilt even if they sleep

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