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Know how the origin of Rudraksha was

Know how the origin of Rudraksha was

The origin of Rudraksha is believed to be from the tears of Shiva. There is a legend about this in the Purana. It is said that once Lord Shiva subdued his mind and meditated for hundreds of years for the welfare of the world. One day suddenly his heart became sad.

When he opened his eyes, some of them fell on tears. It is from these tears that a tree called Rudraksha was born. Lord Shiva always blesses his devotees. It was from his Leela that his tears took a solid shape and became stable (root). It is popular belief that if you want to please Shiva-Parvati, you should wear Rudraksha.

What is Rudraksha –

Rudraksha is a type of wild fruit, which looks like a plum and originates in the Himalayas. Rudraksha is found in abundance in Nepal. Its fruit is similar to the taste of blue and plum like berries. It is available in different sizes and different colors. When the fruit of Rudraksha gets dry, then it peels off its top. Kernels are obtained from inside it. This is basically Rudraksha. 1 to 14 stripes remain on this kernel, it is called the mouth.

Category of Rudraksha – Rudraksha is divided into three parts according to size-

1) Best grade- Rudraksha which is equal to Amla fruit in shape is considered to be the best.
2) Medium range- Rudraksha which is similar in size to plum fruit comes in the middle category.
3) Low grade- Rudraksha with equal size of gram is counted in the lower category.

The Rudraksha which has been spoiled or broken by insects, or is not completely round. In which there is no rash. One should not wear such rudraksh. The rudraksh which has pierced the thread itself, is perfect.

On the basis of colors, Rudraksha is divided into four categories-
White colored Rudraksha is called Brahmin class, Red colored Kshatriya, mixed color Vaishya and Black colored Shudra.

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