Only the lucky ones have these 6 things, do you have them?

Only the lucky ones have these 6 things, do you have them?

It is said that happiness and sorrow come and go. Man is not always happy or unhappy. Bidur has also said about this in the Mahabharata. If a person has 6 things in his life, he will never be sad. Let’s see what happens. Those 5 things are also mentioned in the Mahabharata.

1. Wealth: Wealth is needed to live a happy life. When a man has wealth, he is not respected. When he does not have wealth, he has neither honor nor dignity. From the upbringing of the family to bamboo, cotton, all these things are completed only if a person is happy. Wealth is the support of old age. If there is no wealth, even their own children will not look after it. Therefore, money is very much needed for respect, education, family upbringing, and treatment of diseases.

2. Healthy body: To stay happy, it is important to have a healthy body. If we are healthy then every work is successful. When you have a disease, you have problems when you do everything. You can’t eat without working. A healthy body is a kind of happy life, a gift from God.

3. Beautiful wife: Having a beautiful wife at home also brings a kind of happiness. In the Mahabharata, Vidar says that having a beautiful wife is also a kind of happiness. External problems can also be avoided due to the behavior of the wife at home. Mutual discussion and good behavior can be the only way to run a family.

4. Sweet-speaking wife: Being a beautiful wife as well as a sweet-speaking wife is also a kind of happiness. He who humbly keeps his family happy is always happy. If a bad-mouthed wife is at home, the atmosphere in the house becomes bad and there are always disputes in the house. Friends do not come to that house and there is no peace in that house. Neither neighbor’s help is available.

5. Obedient Son: The biggest problem nowadays is children. If the child goes astray, the father and mother are to blame. Being a child scholar is a great happiness. Therefore, for the higher education of their children, the parents send all their property abroad. The support of old age is to be a child and if a child is addicted to it, he is always unhappy. That is why Mahatma Bidur says that anyone who has a gentle child will never have to suffer.

6. Wealth generating knowledge: Money comes and goes, it is a rule. Many a times it has been seen that a person becomes rich one day and longs for money in a few days. If you don’t have money but art, you can do that kind of work. You can live with dignity.

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