Keep one of these things at home, luck will shine

Keep one of these things at home, luck will shine

In order to make the house attractive and good, people decorate the house with various attractive items, which make the house very beautiful. But in Vastu Shastra it is mentioned that the house can be decorated only by keeping what kind of things. Keeping things that should not be kept in the house causes a lot of damage to the house.

Vastushastra is believed not only in Hinduism but also in Chinese culture. Many people in China decorate their house with feng shui for peace of mind. In this regard, the locals believe that keeping feng shui in the house brings happiness and prosperity in the house. Recently, some Nepalis have become attracted to feng shui and have started believing in it.

1. Laughing Buddha: If any person has not been able to achieve financial success, then Laughing Buddha can be placed in the house. Laughing Buddha is considered as the god of prosperity of Buddha in Chinese architecture.

2. Three-legged frog: Keeping a three-legged frog at home is considered to be very lucky. It is mentioned in Chinese architecture that keeping a three-legged Vakuta idol with a coin in its mouth at home is a blessing. Such a vacuum will also make the home environment pleasant, but it is important to consider where to place the vacuum. Such a vacuum should be placed near the mainstream.

3. Three Coins: In order to attain wealth and prosperity and prosperity, three feng shui coins tied with red ribbon should be hung on the main entrance of the house. But it should not be hung on the outside, if it is hung outside, it is mentioned in the scriptures that Lakshmi will stay only at the door. So you have to hang it on the inside of the main door.

4. Turtles: Keeping turtles in the house will be very pure and will bring success, wealth and happiness in the house. Some should be kept facing north in the home or office. But when keeping a tortoise, you should not keep a pair. Only one should be kept.

5. Golden Fish: As mentioned in feng shui, keeping golden fish at home will increase good fortune, wealth and value. It should not be kept in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, it should always be kept in the drawing room.

6. Wind Bells: It is mentioned in Chinese architecture that keeping wind bells in the house increases the calm and positive energy in the whole house by the sound coming out of the wind turbines. The wind bell should be placed in a place where the wind blows.

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