Women born in these months are lucky, like Lakshmi, endowed with all virtues, what month are you from?

Women born in these months are lucky, like Lakshmi, endowed with all virtues, what month are you from? If we look at the basis of astrology, the temperament and personality of the people born in each month as well as their destiny are different. In women born in different months, things like love relationship between them, wisdom, temperament, hard work are mentioned in it. The fate, deeds and temperament of a woman are explained below on a monthly basis prepared on the basis of the said astrology.

Women born in the month of Baishakh: Women born in this month usually have beautiful eyes. Their nature is simple and easy. Her husband’s temperament is also good. The love relationship between them remains excellent. These women spend less but are more angry. They are said to have abundant wealth and happiness in life.

Jestha: Women born in the month of Jestha are the best intellect. They find happiness and wealth in their lives easily. For these women, nothing in life is a problem. These women are at the forefront of pilgrimage. Their pairing remains normal. Such women are highly educated and omniscient. Asar: Women born in Asar speak sweet language. There is sweetness in their voices. Her husband’s temperament is also good. Even with hard work and struggle, they may not get the happiness and wealth they expected. These women are thin and even quarrelsome.

Shrawan: Shrawan is considered a holy and auspicious month. Women born this month are more interested in good and religious work. Such women are generous, strong, and smart. There seems to be happiness, sorrow, benefit and loss equally in their lives. These women get happiness from their children. Most of the time these women are surrounded by some kind of disease. Such women expect more love from their husbands and boyfriends.

Bhadra: Women born in bhadra are usually sweet-spoken and simple-minded. She also gets a lot of happiness and love from her husband. The family receives love and respect from the in-laws. These women are also a little stubborn. Problems often arise because of their stubbornness. Ashwin : Women born in Ashwin are fickle. They are also cautious when talking to anyone. They get a lot of money as well as happiness from their husbands. They seem to be worried about their children. Such women make fun of themselves. There is special respect in family and society. Some are black but beautiful.

Kartik: Women born in Kattik are rich and intelligent. They are skilled in many arts. They speak sweetly. Usually these women want to keep their husbands under their control. Family and in-laws also get into fights and quarrels. They are more prone to colds. Mangsir: Women born in the month of Mangsir are soft-spoken. These women talk slowly. They don’t like to lie. Their minds are more focused on religious work. The habit of saving money and spending more also keeps their financial condition normal. They are more likely to have stomach problems.

Poush: Women born in the month of Poush are usually very angry. These women have the ability to make a fortune from their own work. These women are interested in one field and have gained expertise. As Saraswati has special grace, they are also beautiful and graceful. They are respected in society because of their sociable nature. Women born in the month of Push are more prone to headaches, flatulence and heartburn. Magh: Women born in the month of Magh have beautiful faces. Such women have sweet speech and peace, love and sonship. Although simple and easy-going, they are a bit stubborn. They tend to be reluctant to talk to others. These women also seem to suffer from various diseases due to weakness.

Phagun: Women born in the month of Phagun are very kind. They can’t see anyone’s pain. Their temperament and thoughts are more religious. These women are extremely fast in reading and writing. Because of being kind, they cannot earn much money. Females are thin but tall. Usually such women are black. Such women may even interrupt others. Chait: Women born in the month of Chait are smart and clever. Such women are beautiful. They tend to attract others quickly because of their beautiful and playful nature. They also benefit from money. Anger can sometimes lead to problems.

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