Lord Hanuman

How the name Hanuman was given?

Story of Hanuman: It is said that shortly after taking birth to Hanumanji, he was so hungry that he could not be satisfied with his mother’s drink. Worried by this, mother Anjana went to the forest to get fruit, till then sunrise started. Seeing the rising sun in the sky, Hanuman took it as a red fruit and went to swallow it. At that time there was a solar eclipse and Rahu came to plague the Sun. After seeing the huge size of Hanumanji and seeing him swallowing the sun, Rahu fearfully requested Devraj Indra that another Maharahu wants to take away my right and also suffer me, so you protect me. Seeing Indra ascending to Airavat, Pawan Kumar considered him a big white fruit and went to catch him. On this, Indra struck Hanuman with his thunderbolt in full swing, causing his Hanu (chin) to become crooked and he fell on the earth. Due to this, Air God stopped his flow due to which everyone’s breathing started to get blocked. Seeing this, Brahma gave healthy immortality to Hanumanji and gave him immortality and abbey fire-water-air. In this way, because of Hanu’s curvature, he was called ‘Hanuman’.

Hanuman is the one who devoured the sun in his childhood – ‘Baal samaya Rabi bhakshi liyo’, then he was given a boon by all the gods so that he became ‘unmatched baldham’. Hanuman, who was playful by casteism, used to disturb the goods of sages in childhood. So the sages cursed him – “You will forget your strength.” When someone reminds you, only then will you be aware of your strength.” From then on, they started living like ordinary apes.

Lord Hanuman’s master is Suryadev himself
According to Valmiki Ramayana, Hanumanji went to Lord Suryanarayana to study with the orders of Mother. Suryadev considered it as a child’s play and pretended that I could not remain stable, so it is not possible to teach. In studying in front of the Sun, Hanumanji had to walk backwards at the same speed as the speed of his chariot, but this did not cause any difficulty in listening to and understanding the words of Suryadev. He gained knowledge of all the Vedas, scriptures and arts. Seeing this amazing game, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Indra etc. were surprised and started thinking that this form of valor, heroism, patience etc. has appeared in the sky.

Statue of wisdom, wisdom, knowledge and might
All the impossible tasks of his favorite such as tracing Sita by leaping the sea, bringing Sushyan Vaidya including the house from Lanka, Lanka, bringing Sanjeevani Booti, ​​donating life to Lakshman, killing the invincible evil demons and the consecration of Shri Ram to the four seas. And bringing water from five hundred rivers was possible with the valor and valor and extraordinary power of Adi Hanuman.

When Lord Hanuman returned to Lord Rama alone by burning Lanka, Shriram asked, ‘How could you burn Bhuvan victorious Ravana’s Lanka?’ Then he replied- “SakhaMrig k badi Manusai. Sakha te sakha par jai. Naghi Sindhu Hatakpur Jara. Nisichar Gun Badhi Bipin Ujara. So sab tab Pratap Raghurai. Nath na kachu mori prabhutai.”

Veervar Hanuman is an ocean of wisdom with his strength. In the words of Tulsidasji – “Jai Hanuman Gyan Guna Sagar”. Jai Kapis tihu lok ujagar . In praise of Hanumanji, Shriram says to Agastya Muni – ‘There is no doubt that the force of Bali and Ravana was incomparable, but their strength cannot be compared with Hanuman (Balisthatam). Bravery, efficiency, strength, patience, intelligence, policy, valor and dominance – all these virtues have housed Hanumanji. ‘

“Atulit Baldham hemashaila bhadeham Danujavanakrishnanam Gnaninnamagragyanam. Sakala guna nidhanam Raghupathipriyabhaktam Vatjatam Namami.”

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