Bhimeshwar Shila starts sweating. It is said to be bad for Nepal.

After ‘sweat’ on Bhimeshwar shila in Dolakha, the administration said that worship was offered and offerings were sent to the President.

It is said that there is ‘sweat’ on the shila of the famous Bhimeshwar temple in Dolakha. The District Administration Office, Dolakha, said in a statement that the sweating lasted from 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm on Tuesday.

The priests and guthiyars of the temple have performed pooja according to the prevailing tradition after sweating on the stone. The administration has stated that arrangements have been made to hold a meeting with the officials of Bhimeshwar’s worship management committee and send offerings to the head of state.

Arrangements have been made to send the offerings to President Vidyadevi Bhandari on Wednesday, according to a statement from the administration. It is customary to send offerings to the head of state when he sweats on the stone.

After sweating on the rock, devotees gather at the temple premises to ring bells, light incense and the main people of the temple blow on the rock with a fan. It is believed that a small drop of water was seen falling on the rock of Bhimeshwar and he started sweating.

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