These three zodiac signs are effected by Shani. See how to get rid of it.

These 3 zodiac signs have the condition of seven and a half of saturn, see how to reduce the effects

According to astrology, Saturn is the god who gives fruit according to justice and karma. Saturn is very fruitful in good deeds of man and very painful in bad deeds. If a person of any zodiac sign has Saturn’s seven and half phase, then there will be troubles and problems everywhere in that person’s life. At such times, the person becomes very ill, there is no success, there is a fight in the family.

Saturn is in Capricorn at this time. Thus Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are running Saturn’s seven and half phase. This state of Saturn lasts for seven years. Saturn’s eclipse occurs in three phases; In the first stage this condition is very difficult, in the second stage there is financial problem and in the third stage even working hard does not bring success. In this way, Saturn’s seven and half can be reduced by taking some measures.

Light a lamp at the base of a peepal:

It is said that the deity resides in the peepal tree. A person with Saturn’s condition should light a lamp under a peepal tree every Saturday morning. After lighting a lamp at the base of the peepal and offering water, one should go to the temple of Shanidev and pay obeisance. Doing so gets rid of Saturn’s guilt.

Mustard oil donation:

To get rid of Saturn’s guilt, donate that oil by looking at your face in a bowl of mustard oil on Saturday. It is believed that if someone donates mustard oil on Saturday, the ominous shadow of Saturn will not fall on him. Doing so also gets rid of Saturn’s guilt.

Saturn’s Japa :

According to astrology, chant Saturn 108 times in a Rudraksha garland to get rid of Saturn’s guilt and get Saturn’s grace. Whoever constantly chants the mantra of Saturn, his problems will gradually end and happiness and prosperity will prevail in the house.

Saturn’s mantra:
Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namaha

Hanuman Chalisa:

People who chant Hanuman Chalisa are not affected by Saturn. Shanidev does not bother Hanuman’s devotees. Similarly, Hanuman Chalisa should be chanted even if Saturn’s Saturn phase is running in one’s horoscope.

Helping the poor:

Those who always help the poor, weak and helpless people always have the grace of Shanidev. If Saturn is running in your horoscope, help the weak and poor person.

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