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Do not make such mistakes while worshiping Lord Shiva

Do not make such mistakes while worshiping Lord Shiva.

There is a religious belief that worshiping Lord Shiva will alleviate all kinds of sufferings and fulfill one’s desires.There is a religious belief that if Shiva is pleased, there will be no crisis in life. Hundreds of millions of devotees worship Lord Shiva every day. Therefore, while worshiping Shiva, one should consider these issues.

1) Lord Shiva should not be worshiped with basil leaves or any of the basil ingredients. Tulsi is considered close to Vishnu, which is not accepted by Shiva. Therefore, offering Tulsi in worship of Shiva is forbidden. 2) Do not offer any offerings made of sesame or sesame seeds, oil etc. to Lord Shiva. Sesame is believed to have originated from the mud of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, offering sesame seeds to Lord Shiva is forbidden.

3) Turmeric should not be offered in the worship of Lord Shiva. Turmeric is associated with Lord Vishnu and good fortune. Otherwise, the person who offers turmeric has a weak side in the moon and his mind becomes restless. Mature work cannot be done in any field. 4) Boiled milk should not be offered to Lord Shiva. Anointing Shiva with boiled milk is considered harmful. Shivling should always be anointed with cold water or raw milk.

5) Coconut can be offered to Lord Shiva. But coconut water should not be anointed. Otherwise money is lost. 6) Lord Shiva should not be offered rice mixed with Akshata i.e. red color. 7) It is forbidden to offer broken rice or kanika to Shiva. 8) Conch should not be offered to Lord Shiva. The conch is considered to be the symbol of the demon killed by Shiva.

9) You should not worship Shiva wearing black clothes. It is considered best to wear ocher cloth to please Shiva. 10) Devotees should not accept the offerings offered in Shivalinga, it leads to misfortune. 11) When anointing Shiva, it should always be done with rents made of gold, silver or bronze. Steel or plastic rent is not considered good during Shiva Pujan. 12) When worshiping at Shivalinga, Panchamrit should be offered first.

13) Three leaves should be offered to Shiva only after folding the clear, uncut bel leaves. 14) Only white flowers should be offered in worship of Shiva. Because white is the favorite color of Lord Shiva. 15) If no mantra comes while worshiping Shiva, chanting Om Namah Shivaya mantra 108 times.

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