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Here are 4 main reasons why Radha and Krishna’s love did not succeed

Here are 4 main reasons why Radha and Krishna’s love did not succeed

When it comes to true love and faith, first of all the love of Lord Krishna and Radha is connected.

As soon as someone’s love succeeds, we say wow and compliment with words like Radha-Krishna couple? However, despite the close love between Radha and Krishna, the marriage did not take place. Why so?

Today we are informing you about why the love of Lord Krishna and Radha could not turn into marriage.

Here are 4 reasons

1. Radha’s refusal

It is also believed that Radha refused to marry Krishna. Because she felt that she was not meant to live in the palace.

She was a cowboy. But, people wanted to see Lord Krishna married to a princess. Lord Krishna tried hard to remind Radha, but Radha did not back down from her determination.

2. Because of society

It is said that Radha Krishna’s love story was incomplete after falling into the mire of social norms. Even between their love, social norms played the role of villains. Radha and Krishna’s social background did not allow their marriage.

3. Curse

According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, before coming to earth, Radha had an argument with Krishna’s maid. Due to which Radha cursed Krishna’s maid to be born as a demon. Shridama had also cursed Radha to be separated from her beloved for 100 years when she was born as a human being.

4. Love and marriage are two different things

It is said that Lord Krishna did not marry Radha because he wanted to prove that love and marriage are different. If love is a selfless feeling then marriage is an agreement or contract.

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