Don’t ever do money transactions at such times

Don’t ever do money transactions at such times

Moments are very important in astrology. Moments are observed in Nepali religious society from birth to death. In astrology, which date, which constellation is considered favorable or unfavorable for which work is described in detail. Let’s find out at what point in time when making money transactions can be a loss?

1) Day- Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday It is better never to take a loan. Also, do not lend money or give any kind of loan to anyone on Wednesday. Debts given on this day can also sink. 2)Yoga- Briddhi Yoga, Dwipushkar Yoga, Tripushkar Yoga money transactions are never repaid. So it is better not to do any business in these yogas.

3) Nakshatra- The loan taken in Hasta Nakshatra is never repaid. So do not take a loan even if you forget in the hand constellation, but if you can repay the loan in this constellation, the fruits of prosperity and fortune will be well received. Mool, Adra, Jyeshtha, Visakha, Kritika, Dhruv Sanjnaka Nakshatra i.e. Uttara Falguni, Uttarashah and Uttarabhadrapada and Rohini etc. should not be used.

4) Marriage- Water loan should never be given in variable marriage, otherwise it will not be returned. There should be no auspicious planet in the fifth and ninth place and no planet in the eighth place, otherwise the debt will increase.

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