How to fast, to get a job and earn wealth?

How to fast, to get a job and earn wealth?

It is believed that fasting solves all the problems of human beings and gives them whatever they want. But what kind of fasting? And there is a dilemma when there is no information about it. Therefore, we are giving information about how to fast to get a job and to earn wealth. Fasting to get a job and its rules: 1)In order to get a job, one has to fast on Saturday. 2) You should get up early on Saturday morning and put oil in a clean container and look at your shadow.

3) The oil you see in the shadows should be donated to the needy. 4) Only water should be taken throughout the day on Saturday. Don’t consume grains. 5)In the evening, offer water at the base of the peepal tree and light a lamp in mustard oil. 6) After that, one should worship Om Shani by chanting Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah Mantra 108 times. Milk, fruits and other fruits can be consumed in the evening.

Fasting and rules for obtaining money: 1)You should fast for Lakshmi Bhagwati 8 Fridays to get wealth. 2) On this day, the eight forms of Lakshmi should be worshiped and the form of Dhanalakshmi should be worshiped. 3)On the day of fasting, only water or fruit should be taken throughout the day. 4)At midnight of the fast, a lamp should be lit in front of the idol or picture of Lakshmi.

5)Aarti should be done by chanting Om Shreem Shreeyai Namah Mantra 11 times during the night. 6) After Aarti, a rose flower or perfume made from roses should be dedicated. 7) Only then should the grain be consumed. But do not consume salt.

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