Why to worship Lord Shri Ganesha on Tuesday? Here is the religious belief

Why to worship Lord Shri Ganesha on Tuesday? Here is the religious belief

Today is Tuesday. It is mentioned in Hindu scriptures that worshiping Lord Ganesha on Tuesday and fasting is beneficial.

At the beginning of any good deed, Lord Ganesha is worshiped first. On Tuesday, it is considered best to worship Lord Shri Ganesha with a pure heart for happiness, peace and prosperity.

There is a religious belief that fasting on Tuesday will fulfill one’s desires.

In the scriptures, the worship method of Lord Ganesha is mentioned in 16 parts.

These include Ahavana, Asana, Padya, Argha, Achaman, Snan, Vastra, Gandha, Pushpa, Akshata, Dhoop, Deep, Naivedya, Tambul, Dravya Dakshina, Aarti, Parikrama. For this ritual, one should make a resolution with a pure and concentrated mind.

Sankalpa: Take water, flower or Akshata in your hand before making Sankalpa. The resolution is that the day you worship, the year, the time, the date should express your desires by taking your name in that place. Then the water in hand should be sprinkled on the ground.

Ahavan Om Gan Ganpatiye Namaha: avahanyami sthapayami. Invocation should be offered to the idol of Ganesha by chanting mantras. The invitation means to invite Ganesh to your house.

Asana: After invoking Lord Ganesha, Om Ganapataye Namaha: Asanarthe Pushpani Samarpayami. While chanting mantras, space should be given for him to sit.

Asana means to give a place for the invoked Ganesha to sit in his house of worship.

Padyam (Washing Lord Ganesha’s feet: Om Ganapataye Namaha: Padayo: Padyam Samarpayami. While holding the mantra, wash the feet of the idol of Lord Ganesha in your worship room, i.e. the feet of the idol with pure water. The hands of the idol should be washed while chanting mantras.

Achaman (cleansing the mouth): Om gan ganpatiye namaha: achamaniyam jalam samarpayami should be chanted and achamana water should be sprinkled. Achaman means to cleanse the mouth.

Bath b Panchamrita: Ganapataye namaha: Panchamritasnanam samarpayami. While chanting the mantra, one should bathe the idol of Lord Ganesha from Panchamrit.

Panchamrit consists of a mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. A mixture of these five things should bathe Lord Ganesha.

Bath with pure water: Ganapataye Namaha: Sudhodaksnan samarpayami After chanting the mantra, Ganesha should be bathed in pure water.

Vastra Samarpan: Gan Ganpatiye Namaha: Vastropavastram Samarpayami. Clothing should be offered while chanting mantras.

Smell Dedication: Gan Ganpatiye Namaha: Gandha samarpayami. Sandalwood, roli, turmeric, mehndi, ashtagandha, etc. should be offered in the south.

Flower Dedication: Om Gan Ganpatiye Namaha: Puspam Samarpayami. While chanting mantras, flowers should be offered on the idols and statues of Lord Ganesha.

Akshata Arpit: Om Gan Ganpatiye Namaha: Akshatam Samarpayami. By chanting mantras, one should offer Akshata made for the worship of Lord Ganesha.

Dhupa Pooja: Gan Ganpatiye Namaha: Dhupam Agharpayami. By Incense and agarbatti Ganesha should be worshiped while chanting mantras. Ganesha should be worshiped with lamps and incense in hand.

Showing the lamp: Om Gan Ganpatiye Namaha Deepam Darshayami. Ganesha should also be worshiped by chanting these mantras. You should worship with a lamp, just as you worship with incense.

Aarti: Gan Ganapatiye Namahaha Aartikyam Samarpayami. Aarti should be performed with a concentrated mind to please Lord Ganesha with mantras.

Pradakshina: You should walk around the idol of Lord Ganesha with a flower in your hand. After circumambulation, the akshata and the flower should be dedicated to the idol of Lord Ganesha. At that time Om Ganpatiye Namaha: Pradakshina Samarpayami. Mantras should be chanted.

Pushpanjali : om gan ganpatiye namaha: Pushpanjali Samarpayami. Flowers in hand with mantras and inviolability should be dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

Nevaidya Arpan: Om Gan Ganpatiye Namaha: Nevaidyam Nivedayami. While chanting mantras, Panchamrit offerings made for the worship of Lord Ganesha should be made. Tulsi should not be offered in worship of Lord Ganesha. Tulsi should not be used in Panchamrit either.

Om Ganapataye Namaha falam Samarpayami. Fruits should be offered to the idol of Lord Ganesha along with the fruit dedication mantra.

Om Gan Ganpatiye Namaha: Misthanna bhojan samarpayami. Sweet food and sweets should be offered along with the Samarpayami mantra.

Om Ganapataye Nam: Panchameva Bhojanam Samarpayami Mantra should be recited while offering Panchameva. After completing all these precedents.

You have to apologize for the mistake you made.

Similarly, on Tuesday, Lord Hanuman is worshiped along with Lord Ganesha.

According to Hindu scriptures, Tuesday is associated with Mars. In times of crisis, people’s energy is lost.

So on this day Hanuman is pleased.

Go to Ram Temple on Tuesday morning. Visiting Hanuman on Tuesday creates new energy in people.

On Tuesday morning, put alum on the baby’s head. By doing this, the problem of fear while sleeping in the child goes away.

Place the peppers on a thread, with a lemon in the middle and peppers on the bottom and place it on the door of a business or house. It works to eliminate negative energy.

Offer roses to Hanuman on Tuesday evening. By doing this, the problems in life are solved.

Read the Ramastotra on Tuesday. Which creates an environment that benefits when you start doing good deeds.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa only by lighting a pure lamp or oil lamp on Tuesday. Doing so will fulfill your desires.

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