Lord Hanuman

Worship Hanuman like this on Tuesday to get the best results

Worship Hanuman like this on Tuesday to get the best results

According to the scriptures, Hanumanji is considered to be the most pleased deity in Kali Yuga. It is believed that Hanumanji was born on Tuesday and if you worship Hanumanji on this day, you will get the best results. It is said that the work of such a person will be completed if he can please Hanumanji.

Pundits say that one should pay special attention to the worship of Hanumanji, the supreme devotee of Lord Rama. On Tuesday, the person who worships Hanumanji will get success, good luck and will be freed from the evil effects like Manglik Dosha and anger control. It is mentioned in the scriptures that all the desires of life will be fulfilled.

To please Hanumanji, it would be better to recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sunder Kanda. Goods, coconuts, laddu should be offered as Hanumanji’s offerings in the morning.

A person who worships Hanumanji is required to observe celibacy. You have to stay clean and stay away from dirty things. The body and mind must always be kept pure. Red or yellow flowers should be specially offered in worship. Lotus, rose etc. have special significance in such flowers.

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