Never do these things while worshiping God or entering the temple

Never do these things while worshiping God or entering the temple

If you worship every day and your mind is restless, it means that there is nothing wrong with your worship. In order to achieve peace of mind and the desires that have been worshiped, it is necessary to worship in accordance with the law. Learn what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

1) Tulsi should not be offered to Shiva, Ganesh and Bhairav. 2) Tulsi leaves should not be picked without bathing. According to the scriptures, if a person picks basil leaves without taking a bath, such leaves are not accepted by God during worship. 3) Basil leaves are not considered stale for 11 days. Its leaves can be offered to God again by pouring water on it.

4) Basil leaves should not be picked on Thursday, Ekadashi, Dhadashi, Sankranti and evening. 5) Sun god should not be given agharya from conch water.

8) Ganga water should not be kept in a plastic bottle or any unclean metal container. Utensils made of impure metals such as aluminum and iron. It is considered auspicious to keep Gangajal in a copper vessel. 10) Dakshina must be offered for the success of manokamana in any puja.

11) Lotus flower is specially offered to Mother Lakshmi. This flower can be reused by watering it for five days. One lamp of ghee and one oil should be burnt. 13) Surya, Ganesh, Durga, Shiva and Vishnu are considered to be the five deities. His worship should be mandatory in all actions. These Panchadevas should be taken care of while worshiping every day. It brings Lakshmi grace and prosperity.

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