Don’t make these 5 mistakes before going to bed!

Don’t make these 5 mistakes before going to bed!

Many people are affected by problems such as not being able to sleep even after going to bed, waking up from time to time even though they feel sleepy, restless, disturbed by falling asleep in the middle of the night. There are a number of possible reasons for this type of problem. But some bad habits can also cause sleep deprivation. The doctor has given some suggestions for the solution of such problems.

Don’t use mobile phones while sleeping: Most people are hanging out on mobile phones from opening their eyes in the morning to closing their eyes at night. If you have the above problems, you should improve this habit. Because it disturbs your sleep. You should not work hard before going to sleep: Even the habit of working hard before going to sleep does not help you sleep well.

Many things should not be played in the mind: There is a Nepali proverb, “Do not think disgusting when eating, do not remember bad while sleeping.” Yes, many arguments come to mind while sleeping. And stress is added. So don’t talk to yourself while sleeping. Get rid of the habit of drinking coffee at night: especially students are addicted to it. This addiction is even more prevalent in less educated students. But drinking tea and coffee at night does not make you sleep well.

Writers in particular are plagued with problems such as sudden awakening at night. So get rid of this habit. Balance: Get in the habit of going to bed at night and getting up early in the morning. By doing this you get full sleep. The body is also refreshed.

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