See the miracle of the coconut that you don’t know yet

See the miracle of the coconut that you don’t know yet

The importance of coconut has been mentioned in religious scriptures and religious texts. Coconut is one such fruit, which is considered very sacred. In Hindu scriptures, coconut is given the status of Triphala.

Coconut is also included in worship lessons. In Hinduism, it is associated with religious virtues on the basis of the virtues of plants. Coconut also has many such properties, which are very beneficial for health.

Let’s learn these 3 miraculous remedies of coconut 1) To get rid of sickness and crisis- If you or your family members are affected by negative energy, then take one such coconut. Which is filled with water. Then roll the coconut over the head of the family 21 times.Then you go and place the coconut in Hanuman’s temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa. Keep in mind that you can do this on Saturdays or Tuesdays. And your work stops.

2) To make a profit in business- If your business is running at a loss, wrap a coconut in a quarter of a meter of yellow cloth. Offer a pair of Janai and Sawa Pao sweets together at the nearby Vishnu temple with your resolve. This will make your business more profitable.

3) For a permanent job- take a coconut husk and burn it to make ashes. Then mix coconut water in the ashes to make a paste. Divide the ashes into 7 parts.

Then throw 4 parts in 4 things and one on the roof. Place one of the other two under the poplar tree and one in the corner of the office where you want to work. Make sure no one sees you while you work However, in 7 days, remove the part from the place.

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