Lord Kubera

How to please Lord Kubera and earn money?

How to please Lord Kubera and earn money?

If you want to earn money, you have to worship Lord Kubera and make him happy. Since there is a religious belief that worshiping Kubera, the richest of the gods, will bring wealth. The belief that worshiping Kubera in various ways will make a person prosperous has been going on for centuries.

While worshiping Kubera Yantra, one should chant the mantra of Lord Kubera. Om Shri Hrin Klin Shri Klin Vitteshwarai Namaha. This mantra has to be chanted 21 or 108 times every morning.

Worship of Kubera can be started on any Friday night of Shukla Paksha. It is believed that if one goes out of the house with Kuber’s lover before going to work on Saturday, i.e. the next morning after worshiping on Friday, he will prosper.

For which Kuber device is made from a copper plate. That is the Kuber device. To achieve happiness and prosperity in life, Kuber number 72 is considered auspicious. Kuber can be remembered by keeping such devices in your home, office and shops. It is believed that Lord Kuber is pleased if he keeps the Kuber device visible to his eyes every time.

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