Fortune shines when a woman wakes up early in the morning and does these things

Fortune shines when a woman wakes up early in the morning and does these things

If you want your health to be good, leave the bed at the spiritual moment. If there is any planetary defect in a person’s horoscope, luck will not help.

The scriptures say that there are many ways to stay away from horoscope faults.

The scriptures say:

Varna Kirti Manti Lakshmi Swasthyamayushcha Vidanti.

Brahmo muhurte sanjagrachchi wa pankaj yatha.

According to this verse, by rising in the divine moment, a person will attain beauty, wealth, knowledge, health and longevity. It is said that the body of a person who wakes up every morning is as beautiful as a lotus.

The scriptures say that women get up early in the morning and do such things. It is believed that when one gets up early in the morning and performs pooja, one’s virtuous husband also gets along.

Astrologers have suggested some such measures. It is believed that when a woman adopts this measure, her husband’s misfortune will be removed and fortune will accompany her.

Without Mahalakshmi’s grace, no work related to money can be completed well. A person who has the grace of Mother Lakshmi will never be short of money.

There are some ways to get Mother Lakshmi’s grace. According to astrology, Mother Lakshmi’s mercy is obtained by adopting these measures.

In the scriptures, woman is considered to be the form of Mahalakshmi. Therefore, it is believed that when a woman recites pooja, the fruits of the pooja are shared with her husband and family.

According to the scriptures, Mahalakshmi travels to earth in the morning. In this process, Lakshmi is believed to live in a house which is clean and pure. So you should pay attention to cleaning the whole house in the morning.

After bathing, one should wear clean clothes and worship in the temple of the house. In worship, a copper pot should be filled with water.

After the pooja, the water in the pot should be sprinkled with Ashoka leaves on the main door of the house and the whole house. Then add a bowl of water to the basil. Doing so is believed to bring happiness, satisfaction and prosperity.

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