Scriptures say women should not worship Hanuman but why?

According to the scriptures, a woman should never do these 9 things in her life, otherwise she will be cursed

A well-behaved woman can make her home a paradise. The woman is Lakshmi of the house. It is said that one becomes like a house when the woman living in the house remembers her duty and fulfills it. In every religion, the place of women is placed above. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Don’t leave home

According to the scriptures, women should not leave their homes under any circumstances. That is, you should not live in someone else’s house. It is said that disobeying this can cause a lot of damage.

Don’t wear Janai/Janeu

The tradition of wearing janai in Nepali culture has been going on since Vedic times. It is considered mandatory for men to wear Janai but it has been believed that it is bad for women to wear Janai.

Don’t chant

Practicing Om Mantra is said to have some physical and mental benefits but it has been believed that any chanting by a woman is considered bad.

Don’t cut the persimmon

Persimmon is considered to be the fruit of Sita. There has been a tendency for women not to cut it. It is said that a woman can cut after a man has cut a little.

Sacrifice should not be offered

As mentioned in different religions, the rules are also different. But the scriptures say that women should not sacrifice to the gods.

Coconuts should not be cracked

You have seen that in almost any good deed, men have broken the coconut. According to the scriptures, women should not do this.

You should not stay away from your husband

According to the scriptures, no woman should stay away from her husband for long. Being away from your spouse can cause problems in the life of both men and women.

Worship of Hanuman

As you are aware of this work, Hanuman is considered to be a celibate. Women can worship Hanuman but they are forbidden to touch Hanuman.

Gayatri mantra should not be chanted

According to the scriptures, women should not chant Gayatri Mantra. According to the head of the Gayatri family, Acharya Shri Ram Sharma, this chanting has freed the curse for women.

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