Don’t do these things while putting vermilion (Sindoor)

Don’t do these things while putting vermilion (Sindoor)

Married Hindu women wear vermilion. It is considered a symbol of good luck. There is even a belief that when a woman wears vermilion, her husband’s life will increase.

There are many rules for wearing vermilion in Hinduism. It is feared that many problems will arise if this is not followed.

It is best for a married woman to follow the Scriptures before wearing scarlet. Doing so is said to increase wealth.

Failure to comply with the scriptures will hinder the husband’s progress, cause loss of wealth, increase in expenses and incur debt.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the following before applying vermilion:

1) Do not put any other woman’s vermilion on your seams.

2) Don’t wear vermilion bought by anyone other than your husband.

3) If someone gives you a gift of vermilion, do not wear such vermilion.

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