Importance and benefits of conch shell.

In Hinduism, playing conch shell on the occasion of every Manglik work is considered very sacred and auspicious. Along with this, there are many scientific benefits too, which are attained spontaneously by a conch shell player. If the day starts with the sound of a conch, then the day goes very well.

Importance and benefits of conch.

  • 1) If the mother is fed with water in the conch during pregnancy, then her children do not have any speech related problems. According to doctors, pregnant women should not ring the conch, because it puts pressure on their womb.
  • 2) If children who stumble while speaking or stutter, drink water with conch shell and blow conch, then their speech related problems are miraculously overcome.
  • 3) Playing the conch exercises the lungs. According to the Puranas, the patient of breathing can get relief from this disease by regularly blowing conch shells.
  • 4) According to a research conducted at the University of Berlin, the sound of a conch shell is the best means of destroying bacteria. Evil spirits cannot enter a conch shell. The water kept in the conch also has the amazing power to destroy germs.The conch shell purifies a person’s body and the environment around it and transmits satoguna in the mind, which produces positive thoughts. This awakens the dormant system of the conch player, which is very helpful in his personality development.
  • 5) Shell contains useful substances like sulfur, phosphorus and calcium. Therefore, these healthy properties also get into the water kept in it. Therefore, drinking water kept in the conch shell is very beneficial for strengthening bones and teeth.
  • 6) Water can be offered from the conch on all the gods except Shiva. Shiva killed a demon named Shankhchud, so conch’s water is said to be prohibited to Shiva.
  • 7) Vastu Dosh is removed by the conch, it also helps the growth of health, attainment of Ayushya, attainment of Lakshmi, attainment of son, Pitra-dosha peace, marriage etc.
  • 8) Conch shells are of two types: – southward and leftward. But a third type of conch is also found which is called Madhyavarti or Ganesh conch.

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