Who were the two wives of the Mahabharata character Karna?

In the Mahabharata, the story of Kunti’s son Karna can be heard a lot. Karna is described in the famous Mahabharata as Mahavira and Danvir. And Karna, one of the main characters of the Mahabharata, is shown in the lead role in the Mahabharata. Karna was the best Dharnudhari of the Mahabharata. Even Lord Krishna and Lord Parasurama themselves acknowledged the superiority of Karna.

Even though Karna was so talked about, her childhood could not move forward with the upbringing of her birth mother. He was raised by Adhirat and Radha. The boys were found floating in the Ganga on one side. The children were found drinking water from their horse on the banks of the river Adhirath, the charioteer of Dhritarashtra. Later, they took him to their home and started raising him. Adhirath was childless. Adhiratha’s wife’s name was Radha. Radha raised the child as her own son. The boy’s ears were very beautiful. That is why it is mentioned in various Hindu scriptures that his name was Karna.

It was this yarn couple who nurtured Karna. That is why Karna is also called ‘Sutaputra’. He is also called Radhey. Brushali and Supriya Karna had two wives. Both were very beautiful. King Karna’s first wife’s name was Brushali and his youngest wife was Supriya. Three children were born from Karna’s Vrushalipatti and three from Supriya’s side. From Vrushali, Vrishsen, Sushen and Vrishket were born.

The charioteer of Vurashali Duryodhana’s chariot was Satyasen’s sister. It is also said that Brushali was buried in the same pyre after Karna’s death. She was a very charismatic and virtuous woman. It is also said of Vrushali that she advised Draupadi to go with her father or brothers. At that time, Draupadi did not follow his advice. A few days later, Draupadi was torn apart (Chir Haran). Supriya was Karna’s second wife. She was a very friendly friend of Duryodhana’s wife Bhanumati. From Supriya’s womb, three sons named Chitrasen, Susharma, Prasen and Bhanusen were born. Supriya is also called Padmavati and Punnaruvi.

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