Better not do these things on Tuesday

In Hinduism, Tuesday is said to be the best time to worship Hanuman. If you want to get rid of money problems, then every Tuesday morning, pick the leaves of the tree, purify it with pure water and offer it to Hanuman ji. Doing so can get rid of financial problems. If there is a defect of Mars in one’s horoscope, it is very auspicious to worship Bajrangbali on this day. It is bad to do something on Tuesday.

  1. Doing financial transactions on Tuesday is not considered auspicious. It is very difficult to repay the loan taken on this day and it is very difficult to repay the loan given on this day.
  2. According to religious beliefs, cutting hair or beard on Tuesday is also inauspicious. Doing so brings Mars fault in the horoscope.
  3. Don’t buy makeup on Tuesdays. Buying cosmetics on this day can lead to marital problems.
  4. Meat and alcohol should not be consumed on Tuesdays. Eating meat and alcohol on this day increases your anger. It has a negative effect on your family and social life.
  5. Consuming black lentils on Tuesday is considered inauspicious. In fact, it is said that Saturn-Mars coincidence has a bad effect on the health of a person who eats black on this day.
  6. Fighting with brother on Tuesday adds up to an accident. Mars is believed to have a relationship with brother. So doing so can cause problems in the family as well.
  7. Buying black clothes on this day is not considered auspicious. There is a religious belief that wearing red on Mars will reduce the defects of Mars.

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