Kharmas started from yesterday, don’t forget to do these 5 things !

LSD: Kharmas has started on December 15. Kharmas will end on January 14 with Makar Sankranti. The Sun is entering Sagittarius from 9:47 tonight. After the Sun enters this zodiac sign, good deeds cease. This condition lasts for about a month and good deeds begin only after the Sun enters Capricorn. Sagittarius is the fiery sign of Jupiter and the entry of the Sun into it produces special results. During this time diseases and illnesses increase. Man’s mind is restless. Good deeds are forbidden at this time due to astrological reasons. Therefore, it is also called Sagittarius Kharmas.

  1. Do not do any good deeds in Kharmas, such as marriage, fasting, house entry, house building, starting a new business, etc.
  2. In order for a good deed to be perfect, a master must be strong.
  3. Starting any new business this month creates financial difficulties as costs may increase during this time. Businesses startedduring this period are either closed or have a lot of business debt.
  4. Don’t lie this month. The mind should be kept calm at this time. The month should be completed with restraint and patience. We need to help those in need.
  5. Wheat, rice, mung bean, barley, sesame, apple, mango, dried ginger, cumin, amla, betel nut should not be eaten this month.

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