For these zodiac signs, silver is very auspicious, there will be a shower of wealth

For these zodiac signs, silver is very auspicious, there will be a shower of wealth. In astrology, silver is associated with the Moon and Venus. Wearing silver controls water element and metal. Wearing silver also reduces our anger. According to the scriptures, it originated from the eyes of Lord Shiva. Silver is of great value and is widely used. Silver is a shiny and white metal that is also the main metal used in our daily lives. From a religious point of view, silver is considered to be the most sacred and sattvic metal. For this reason, silver is considered to be of high importance in the life of the common man.

Affects the body and the planet
The use of pure silver makes the mind and brain sharp and strong. The use of pure silver strengthens the afflicted moon in the horoscope and the moon begins to give auspicious effects. The use of silver makes Venus powerful. If pure amount of silver is used properly, the toxins in our body will be released and our skin will be radiant. The purer the silver, the better the results. Gold can be mixed with silver to apply special condition. Keep in mind that silverware should always be kept clean and only then used. People with emotional problems should always be careful when using silver. According to the zodiac sign, it is considered very good to use silver for people in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. But for Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, the use of silver is considered inauspicious. For other zodiac signs, the effect is normal.

Receipt of funds
It is considered good to wear a pure silver ring on the little finger. Due to this, the ominous moon also starts giving auspicious effects and the balance of mind and brain is better. Doing so also earns money.

Wearing a pure silver bracelet filled with the mantra of the moon removes problems like bath, bile and phlegm. It keeps our body healthy. Doing so also eliminates the problem of recurring illnesses.

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