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Budhanilkantha temple opened for devotees for the first time after the Corona epidemic

Budhanilkantha Narayansthan temple has been reopened for devotees from today. Devotees have been barred from entering the temple since March 11 last year after the corona virus began to spread. Bagmati State Assembly member Deepak Niraula and Budhanilkantha Municipality Chief Uddhav Prasad Kharel announced the opening of the temple at a function held at the temple premises this morning.

Speaking on the occasion, State Assembly Member Niraula said that religious tourism could be promoted by spreading awareness among the followers of Vedic Sanatan Dharma in the world of important historical, religious, cultural and archeological temple areas. Devotees worship and pay homage at the Budhanilkantha Narayansthan temple in Kathmandu on Sunday. The temple, which was closed to devotees on March 26 last year, has reopened to the public today due to the global outbreak of corona virus.

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An old stone idol of Ganesha has been found during the reconstruction of the Ganesh Temple at Olachi Tol in Bangemudha, Kathmandu. Krishna Prasad Manandhar, a local, said that the broken statue was being assembled with the help of the Archaeological Department. He says that his grandfather Tulasi Narayan Manandhar established a bronze idol of Ganesha on top of the old idol of Dhugan around 2022 BS. It is estimated that the idol of Ganesh found may have two hands.

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