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If you do not have enough wealth , try this method

LSD: In spite of many efforts to accumulate wealth and save it, it is not bearing fruit. Or do you have no money? If you are suffering from these many problems, then it can be understood that you have not been blessed by Lakshmi. If Lakshmi is happy or right, then people will never lack wealth, money. Here are some ways to please Goddess Lakshmi, which will start showering Lakshmi’s grace on you easily.

1. Respect for women- According to various scriptures and beliefs, in a house where there is no respect for women, there is no mercy in the house. Goddess Lakshmi enters only those houses where women are respected and honored. Therefore, always respect the female relatives at home. If they are angry, try to persuade or please immediately. Laxmi does not have mercy because of the frequent quarrels between husband and wife.

2. Friday Brat- Friday is considered as the day of Lord Lakshmi. There is a religious belief that if Lakshmi is worshiped on this day, Lakshmi will be pleased and give the desired fruit. On Friday morning, if one gets up early in the morning, takes a bath, worships Mother Lakshmi with a pure heart and offers offerings or offerings reverently, Lakshmi’s grace begins to rain.

3. Vaastu Dosha- Even if there is any Vaastu Dosha in the house, Lakshmi does not have mercy in that house In such a case, even the money that comes to the house with architectural defects will be wasted or spent. In architecture, the direction of the house should be guided. In which the room of the house, kitchen, toilet, etc., the room should be in which direction. Therefore, if a house is built by following the Vastu rules or by following the Vastu in the house where the construction has been completed, Lakshmi is happy and attains happiness, prosperity and affluence.

4. Venus in the horoscope-The person in whose horoscope the position of Venus is in a strong house is the one who has the grace of Mother Lakshmi towards the person. In astrology, Venus is considered as happiness/prosperity. A person with a weak Venus will have financial problems at home. If this is the case, if the peacock’s feathers are kept in the house, Venus becomes stronger and Lakshmi’s grace begins to rain.

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