Do you know who is ekadashi bhagwati & Why Ekadashi fast is auspicious.

Know the story behind how Bhagwati Ekadashi came into being: In satyayuga there was asura named mur who was so powerful that he even tookover the swarglok from indradev and drove the devtas from the Swarglok. All devtas were so frustrated since there was no ways to take the swarglok back as the asur was very powerful thus they went to mahadev and told him about the terrible situation they were facing. after listening to them mahadev suggested them to seek help From bhagwan vishnu as he is the only one who can help devtas After suggestions devtas went to kshirsagar were bhagwan was residing and devtas started praying to bhagwan for help ,when prabhu saw that devtas are helpless Prabhu asked them to let him know about asura And how powerful he is & where he reside Indradev said that during ancient time an asur was born in the lineage of Brahma Ji. This asur was called Taaljangh.

He was very powerful and fearsome. His son was named Mura who was also equally powerful and fearsome and He is the one who Defeated all devtas Listening to this bhagwan Vishnu Ji got angry and asked the devtas to take him to the asura Mura .When they reached, Bhagwan saw that all devtas were scared and running away from Mura in 10 different directions when asura saw Bhagwan Vishnu. Mura said “Stand there & don’t move” Bhagwan Vishnu ji’s eyes turned red with Rage & he said “Cruel asura look at my strong arms” & took his divya roop and started samhara of asuras in the army of Mura.

When asura army saw they got scared After prabhu annihilated . The asura army and several warrior died After that bhagwan went to badrikaashram where he went to sleep in cave named singhvati,cave had only one door. in the interim the asura was plotting to ki’ll prabhu & followed prabhu’s path and entered in the cave When asura saw prabhu is sleeping he thought its a good chance he ll ki’ll him easily. When he came to att’ack Prabhu the divine woman emerged from bhagwan started fighting with asura and kil’led him with her humkara.

The divine woman was extremely beautiful gifted and powerful When prabhu came out of yognidra & he saw the powerful asura mura had died he impressed and offered a boon to divine lady & that divine lady was no one other then bhagwati Ekadashi maharani . She asked prabhu that if he is happy with her then give her boon that she’ll be superior in all tirth. she said “whichever of your devotees keeps a fast on my day i wish they be blessed with happiness luck fortune & they get moksha Prabhu gave the boon & thats how ekadashi auspicious vrat started. Ekadashi vrat is so dearest to Bhagwan Vishnu. Om namo bhagwate vasudevaya

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