A temple built on the sea is guarded by the snake itself

There are many temples in the world. There are many temples all over the world including Nepal. Similarly, a Muslim-majority temple in Indonesia is located on a rock in the sea. The story of the temple is very interesting. In Indonesia, this temple is called Tanah Lot Temple. That means sea land. This temple is one of the seven temples built on the sea shore of Bali. Which was built as a series.

From one temple to another, the temple is clearly visible. The belief of the temple is that the temples are protected by snakes in the sea. Also another popular belief about the temple is that the priests of the temple created snakes to protect the temple by their power. And the snake is still guarding the temple. The Tanah Lot Temple was built by a 15th-century priest named Nirtha. He had the fishermen build a temple to the gods there.

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