Lord Vishnu

Today, worship Lord Vishnu for the happiness and peace of the family

Worshiping Lord Vishnu on Wednesday brings happiness and peace in the family. Worship of Lord Vishnu is very necessary for human beings who are trapped in sinful mud and drowned in the worldly sea. Today, Vishnu is worshiped with conch, chakra and gadadhari, whose names are Sridhar, Hari, Vishnu, Madhav, Madhusudan etc. The fruit obtained from worshiping him is obtained from bathing in Ganga, Kashi, Naimisharanya and Pushkar, the fruit is obtained from worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Fruits which cannot be obtained by bathing in Kurukshetra and Kashi during solar and lunar eclipses, donating land including sea and forest, bathing in Godavari and Gandaki rivers in Jupiter of Leo zodiac sign are obtained by worshiping Lord Vishnu Therefore, a person who is afraid of sin must worship Lord Vishnu. It is difficult to get a chance to destroy a greater sin than this opportunity. Lord Vishnu, the adored deity of Hinduism, is described in Hindu scriptures. Who is also called the follower of this world. As long as the creator Brahma, the follower Vishnu, the destroyer Shiva are three parts of the same form.

Lord Vishnu’s abode is the best folk Baikuntha Lok, while Lord Vishnu’s half-goddess is Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. When sin increased on earth and murder, violence, looting, theft, robbery and other evil deeds increased, then Lord Vishnu was somehow born on earth, destroyed sins and saved religion. According to Hinduism, the form names of Lord Vishnu are infinite, but based on being born on earth, there are 24 incarnations of Vishnu. Of these, ten face incarnations and the rest of the auxiliary incarnations are described.

In the story of Sriswathani Brat, when Parvati was deceived by Vrinda’s husband Jalandhar, Mahadev found out about this and Mahadev commanded Vishnu to go and deceive Vrinda, the wife of Jalandhar, because Jalandhar’s wife is Brata Nari. Sent to deceive, Jalandhar so that the story is told that Mahadev killed Jalandhar by cheating on her husband Brata’s wife and also found out that Vishnu had cheated on her. It has been mentioned that she went to Sati with her husband by cursing him saying, “Sinful Vishnu, my husband’s religion has been destroyed because of you.” But because of Mahadev, Lord Vishnu was a weed, a basil, a grass dubo and a tree a poplar tree. Considering these things mentioned in our scriptures, the devotees of Lord Vishnu are found to have worshiped these three things.

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