Shivalinga was found while digging a pond

A Shivalinga has been found in Haripur Municipality Ward No. 1 of Sarlahi, Nepal. A Shivalinga more than five feet long has been found in the forest inside the Mukteshwar Community Forest.The Shivalinga was found while the community forest was removing a pile of bricks to build a pond on Monday morning, said Nirmala Mainali, secretary of the group. The Shivalinga found in the forest has been reduced to rubble along with the historic idol temple.

The statue was found while the community forest was making a pond for feeding water to the wild animals. Ram Bahadur Khadka, a local, said that the local municipality and the administration should make security arrangements for the protection of the Shivalinga found in the middle of the forest as it could be lost at any time. Crowds are now flocking to the forest of Haripur, 9 meters south of the new road on the East-West Highway.

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