Ancient pillar of temple carving was found on dirty drain, people are furious about it.

South India has been a major source of many ancient evidences associated with Hindu civilization. Southern states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are also a prodigy for tourists, especially for the heritage of ancient temples and architecture. One such example of architecture remains the focus of discussion on social media, but for the wrong reasons. Actually, some pictures are being shared on Twitter, in which an ancient big stone looking like the pillar of the temple is seen placed on top of a drain. Some carvings can be seen on this stone, on which some figures are seen. Such paintings are also seen on the pillars on many ancient temples of South India. People claim that these are photos near Periya in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.

On Sunday (December 27, 2020) evening, a Twitter user named ‘Dharma Rakshak’ tweeted some pictures saying, “In the historic city of Kanchipuram, India’s heritage is supporting the Drainage Channel.” Reacting to this picture, some people have speculated that the stones of this 600-year-old Shiva temple are being planted. While sharing a location, a Twitter user named Aditya has told that the place seen in the pictures is from Periya, Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

Some people have also demanded confirmation of these photos tagging ASI and take appropriate action. Outraged by the photos, Twitter users have written that ASI should take time out of the Mughal forts and pay attention to them. A Twitter account named ‘Lost Temple’ giving information about Hindu temples has tagged the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu with these photos, “Is this respect for our ancient heritage?” A centuries old pillar is being used as a bridge over the drain. Respected Chief Minister, please take action as soon as possible. “

Disappointed with the photos, a Twitter user has written an objection saying that the state of Tamil Nadu is becoming famous for anti-Hindu poison. For the genuineness of these photographs, whom we contacted told that some people have been sent to the place mentioned. The report will be updated on getting other information in this regard.

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