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Even Shani is auspicious for such people

Saturn is the slowest moving planet. It lasts for seven and a half years in one zodiac sign. When Saturn has a bad eye on a person’s horoscope, then various problems start coming in that person’s life. Saturn is also considered the god of justice. Saturn gives auspicious or inauspicious fruits according to human deeds. Saturn is also very important in astrology. Happiness and sorrow of any person depends on the position of Saturn in his horoscope.

In which cases is it auspicious? Learn
According to astrology, if Saturn is present in the third, sixth, 10th and 11th signs of any person’s horoscope, then Saturn will give auspicious fruit in such a case. Saturn is the most auspicious and strongest person in the life of such a person at the age of 36 and 42 years. If Saturn is auspicious in the horoscope of a person born at this age, it will give very auspicious fruits.

Saturn has a good effect on the life of a person who stays away from bad deeds and bad company in his life. If a person’s birth fee is on the night of the party and Saturn is in the curve at that time, then Saturn has auspicious effect on the life of such a person.

Ways to make Saturn auspicious

  • 1. When worshiping Shanidev, one should never look at his picture and idol directly.
  • 2. Due to Shanidev, it is necessary to visit and worship Hanuman ji. Worshiping Hanuman ji has auspicious effect of Saturn in your life.
  • 3. Brahmacharya should be followed in Shani Jayanti, Shani Amavasya or Saturday worship.
  • 4. On the day of Shani Jayanti, something made of black sesame and iron should be donated.
  • 5. Before worshiping Shanidev, one should take a bath by massaging the body with oil.
  • 6. Feed cows and dogs oily dishes.
  • 7. Offering oil to Saturn every Saturday and helping the poor does not have the ominous effect of Saturn.

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