Muktinath temple will be opened from the 21st of this month(Poush).

The Muktinath temple, which has been closed for the past nine months due to the Corona epidemic, is set to reopen. The Muktinath temple, the only jewel of the Himalayan district Mustang and a common property of all, has been opened from the 21st of this month after all the locals agreed to open it. The opening of Muktinath has opened the door for internal and external tourists with the solidarity of all the concerned bodies in the district and the locals of Muktinath. This work has been made possible due to the intense pressure of various bodies in the neighboring districts and the positive initiative of the District Administration Office.

Especially due to the exemplary work done by the Waragun Free Zone Municipality, the people of Muktinath are now returning to their business. An all-party meeting held today has reached a four-point agreement to open the Muktinath temple. Finally, after in-depth discussions and conclusions, it has been decided on four points to be followed while opening the Muktinath temple. Chief District Officer of the District Administration Office, Mustang, Hiradevi Poudel clarified the decision to the locals.

State Assembly member Mahendra Bahadur Thakali said that the initiative to reopen the Mustang and the famous religious site Muktinath Temple, which has been closed for about nine months, has taken the right path. He said that the face of Mustang district will now be changed due to the work done by the concerned bodies in the district, District Administration Office, District Police Office, Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and people’s representatives.

He said, “Muktinath temple will be opened from today, the 21st of this month.” Now, I request all Nepali brothers and sisters living at home and abroad and foreign tourists to visit Muktinath Temple and various places in Mustang. ‘ Similarly, Waragun Free Zone Village Chief Fenchok Chepten Gurung said that the opening of the Muktinath Temple on the occasion of the English New Year 2021 was discussed but it would take a few more days as the necessary works were still pending.

According to locals the temple will be reopened only after the necessary medical supplies are fully managed. Chief District Officer Hiradevi Poudel said that the temple was about to open after a long and tireless effort. She said that four points had been agreed upon in order to adopt the necessary security measures after the opening of the temple. District Coordinating Committee Chief Chhiring Lhamo Gurung said that many initiatives have been taken to open the Muktinath temple. She also said that it was necessary to open the Muktinath temple as it is a religious and tourist site.

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