See “11 Benefits of Playing Conch in the Morning.”

“Conch or conch sound is very important in Hinduism. Conch sound is incomplete without morning worship or any religious program. “But why are conch shells played?” And what are the benefits? Many may not be aware of this. “Playing conch shells has special, meaning, importance and benefits. According to the scriptures, fourteen gems were obtained during Samundra Manthan. The conch was one of them.

“Since that time, the conch has been of special importance in Hinduism. The conch is worn by Mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. It is believed that playing the conch removes the disorder in the air and awakens the earth.“What are the other benefits of having and playing conch shells:

  • 1. Keeping or playing conch shells at home is auspicious according to scripture.
  • 2. The sound produced by playing the conch destroys the harmful bacteria in the environment.
  • 3. Conch players exercise their lungs. It benefits the lungs.
  • 4. Conch shells are also beneficial for asthma patients.
  • 5. By storing water in the conch and drinking it, the body gets calcium and phosphorus.
  • 6. Ingredients obtained from conch are beneficial for bones and teeth.
  • 7. According to Vastu, conch has the power to flow positive energy in the house.
  • 8. Those who have constipation can cure constipation by filling water in the conch and consuming it on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • 9. If you wash your eyes with water kept in the conch one night, you can get rid of eye diseases.
  • 10. Massage on the face with the water kept in the conch gives a natural glow.
  • 11. Washing the hair by adding rose water to the water kept in the conch makes it strong, soft and thick.

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