Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva born as Rishi Pippalad

Pippalad was born as Mahadev’s incarnation to Rishi Dadhichi and Suvarcha. Once, the Devas needed the bones of Rishi Dadhichi to end the menace of Vritrasur. Dadhichi donated his bones readily and the Vajra created from his bones ended Vritrasur. When his wife Suvarcha came to know this, she decided to be Sati but could not as she was pregnant. Later, she left her earthly body after giving birth to a child. He grew up feeding on pipal leaves and som(nectar) given my moon, so he came to be called Pippalad.

When he grew up, he came to know about his parent’s sacrifice. He was angered by the selfishness of the Devas and decided to destroy them. It is said that his angry glance at Shani made Shani fall and hurt his foot. Only Mahadev was able to calm Pippalada and make him see reason Pippalada wrote The Prashnopanishad which is embedded in Atharva Veda. The Prashna Upanishad is a Mukhya Upanishad and contains six Prashna (questions). Each Prashna is assigned a chapter with a discussion of answers.

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