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Put these 5 things next to the basil plant at home, it will be auspicious at home

Basil monastery is kept in the house of almost all Hindus. But if you don’t know which way to put the basil monastery, it may have given negative results at home. According to the architecture, the basil plant should not be planted in the south direction even if it is forgotten. Planting basil in the east and in a secluded place is considered to be the best according to the architecture. If there is a basil plant in the house, it warns before the problem arises. If a disaster strikes your home, the basil plant in the house may begin to wither or change color.

If you are going to have any ominous effect of the planet, the color of the basil will start to change. Mercury does the good and bad effects of all the planets. It affects every color. So if you are going to have any calamity, if the basil plant dries up, if it has auspicious effect, the basil will turn green. If your children do not obey you, the basil plant should be planted in the eastern direction. If 3 leaves of the same basil are fed in any way, a miraculous change is seen. Because of which your children will start believing what you said. Note that it is not good to pick basil leaves on Tuesdays and Sundays. If it is difficult for the daughter to get married, this problem can be avoided by watering the daughter-in-law on a basil plant and circulating it five times a day. By adopting this measure with reverence and faith, it has been believed that the grace of Tulsi will be obtained and the marriage will be completed soon.

If there is a slowdown in trade, the basil plants should be placed on the west side. If raw cow’s milk is sweetened every morning on the same basil plant, the business will start to flourish. If the house is afflicted with any kind of architectural defects, then by planting basil seedlings and offering Panchamrit daily, the architectural defects are removed.

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