In which direction is it appropriate to sleep with a pillow?

It is necessary to have a pillow in the right direction to sleep. It is mentioned in Vastushastra that Vastu is of special importance to reduce the energy as the negative rays of the energy of the atmosphere enter the body and have a negative effect on life. The main bedroom of the householder should be on the south or west side of the house. The north pole of man as the head and head of the earth completes a stream of energy. In the same way, the north pole of the earth and the south pole of the human foot completes another stream of energy and does not interfere with the entry of magnetic waves.

Because of this, the sleeping person feels peace and deep sleep. This leads to the development of good intellect and also happiness and prosperity at home. If it is not possible to place the Shirani on the south side, it can be placed on the west side. Putting beds and pillows in other directions does not allow the intellect to function properly.

The former is best for sleeping. You can also sleep in the North East. The West is considered good. The south is also good. If you are in the northern hemisphere of the earth, it is better to sleep in all directions except the north. But for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, you should not head south.

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