In these 4 cases, women are far ahead of men.

Acharya Chanakya was a great policy maker. He had a deep understanding of diplomacy and politics. He wrote a great book on economics. He was also called Kautilya. He has given many important things related to human life in moral life which encourage a person to be successful in life. In a post on Chanakya policy, Acharya Chanakya said that women are ahead of men in four cases.

त्रीणां दि्वगुण आहारो बुदि्धस्तासां चतुर्गुणा।
साहसं षड्गुणं चैव कामोष्टगुण उच्यते।।

Hunger : According to Acharya Chanakya, women are ahead of men in terms of food. The verse ‘Women’s double food’ is related to women’s hunger. In the verse, Chanakya says that women are twice as hungry as men. In fact, women need more energy than men. So, they feel more hungry. Wisdom: In the verse of Chanakya Niti, Buddhasatasa Chaturguna refers to the intellectual capacity of a woman. In fact, according to the Chanakya policy, women have four times more intellectual capacity than men. Women are smarter and smarter than men. Courage: Courage means that women are braver than men in terms of courage even though they are less physically strong than men. Because women have six times more courage than men. Sexuality: Acharya Chanakya Shloka says for women, Kamostaguna, that is, sexuality in women is eight times more than in men. In this case, women are many times ahead of men.

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