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Install Saligram at home, you will get rid of all the problems

Many people who follow the Sanatan religion know about Shaligram. Shaligram is worshiped in the form of a black smooth egg-shaped stone. Devotees can bring Shaligram home and worship by sitting directly on the asana. Shaligram is also considered to be the form of Lord Sri Vishnu. Regular worship of Shaligram at home can get rid of many problems. Happiness and prosperity come to the home.  Shaligram is considered to be the form of Lord Vishnu, so offer Tulsi to him. Worship of Shaligram is considered incomplete without Tulsi. Thus worshiping Shaligram with a pure mind leads to success in every endeavor. There is also provision for marriage of Shaligram and mother Tulsi. It is said that if one marries Tulsi, one gets a virtuous fruit like Kanyadan. Doing so destroys all forms of sin, strife, and so on.

Even if you have financial problems in your home, you can worship by establishing Shaligram. Because to have Shaligram at home is to have Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. Regular worship of Shaligram and offering of water removes all kinds of suffering. There is no shortage in the house. Just sprinkling the anointed water of Shaligram on one’s body is like pilgrimage and sacrifice.

Shaligram should be bathed regularly and sandalwood should be applied. Then the Tulsi Dal should be offered and the Charanamrit should be offered. It helps to solve all your mental, physical and financial problems. It is said that Lord Shiva also praised Shaligram. Therefore, Mahadev’s grace can also be obtained by keeping Shaligram at home. According to the scriptures, the place where Shaligram is located is similar to a temple.

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