According to Vastushastra, by adopting such measures, your fortune will shine

In architecture, physical development is discussed. Many things related to this are found in the Architectural Vedas. The architectural Veda is today’s architecture. It explains the rules, methods and procedures of town and building construction. Today, architecture has developed into an art and a science. It can be said that this sub-veda is being developed in the field of engineering and architecture. Many measures have been suggested in Vastushastra to achieve peace and prosperity. If you follow these 8 steps of Vastushastra, your fortune will shine.

1. The thickness of the wall: The south and west walls of the house should be taller and thicker than the north and east walls. 2. The ground should be higher than the road: When buying land to build a house, make sure it is higher than the surrounding road. Building a house on land lower than the road leads to financial crisis. 3. Tall tree in the southwest: If you want to bring prosperity to your home, plant a tall tree in the southwest direction. These trees bring economic stability. It removes misfortune and does not allow family problems to subside.4. Leave the middle part of the house empty: The middle part of the house should always be left empty and no construction should be done there. If you have to build something here, build a temple. This part is considered Brahmasthan.

5. Where to store: The storage room should be built in the southwest or west part which opens the way for prosperity. 6. Cleaning windows and doors: Regularly clean the doors and windows of the house as it is directly related to the money coming into the house. When these things are dirty, it becomes an obstacle in earning money. 7. Decoration of the main entrance: The main entrance of the house should be well decorated to bring prosperity in the house. It is also important to have a number plate at home. And this part should be bright and colorful. 8. Give water to the birds: If you make a nest in one part of the house and feed the birds, you will get positive energy and wealth. 9. Onion color: Wealth can be attracted by painting onions at home. Even if you have these colorful plants at home, you will not be short of money.


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