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Today is the day of Magh Krishna Aunshi, a rare coincidence of the planet

The month of January is also called the silent new moon. Because today it is customary to bathe and donate in silence all day long. If you can remain completely silent today, you will gain amazing health benefits and knowledge. Today’s bath is considered important for those who have mental problems, fear or confusion. Following the process on this day brings both peace to the planet and redressal of faults. This time, along with the silent new moon, Aquarius has also become a very rare coincidence.

Coincidence of planets in the silent new moon: On this day both the moon and the sun will be in the constellation of Mars. There will be a beautiful relationship between Dev Guru and Daitya Guru. Mars will be in your zodiac sign, due to which religious work will be beneficial. Due to the relationship between Saturn and Sun, this festival will be even more beneficial. Worship and bathing: Make a resolution before taking a morning or evening bath. First of all, take the water above your head and bow down. Then start bathing. After bathing, add black sesame seeds to the sun and give it to Arghya. Wear white clothes and chant mantras. Please donate items after chanting the mantra. If you want, you can fast by taking water and fruits.

Rahu-Ketu’s Remedy for Peace: On this day, go to the temple of Lord Shiva. Please offer a Rudraksha garland to Shivaji. Burn incense and chant Shiva’s mantra 108 times with that garland in hand. Mantra – ‘Rupam dehi, yasho dehi, bhogan dehi cha shankar. Bhukti mukti phalan dehi, grhitvarghyam namostute ..’ Then keep that garland with you or wear it around your neck. What to donate: For salvation in the silent new moon – cow donation. For economic prosperity – land donation. Donation of black sesame seeds for liberation from planetary constellation barrier. For Diseases and Loans – Barna Donation. For the happiness of family life – Ghee donation with barna. You can donate silver to get rid of any kind of obstacle – salt and lineage and for the progress of the offspring.

What is the special coincidence of the planet in the silent new moon: In the silent new moon, the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn will be fruitful. Saturn will also enter its Capricorn sign today. Today the combination of Guru and Ketu will be in Sagittarius. Today is also Madhav Narayan fasting: Bartalu, who has been fasting Madhav Narayan for a month since the full moon of Poush Shukla, has bathed in the Aryatirtha at Pashupatinath this morning and paid obeisance at the Pashupatinath Main Temple. Every year, on the morning of Magh Krishna Aunshi, Madhav Narayan Bartalu takes a bath at Aryaghat in Pashupatinath. Madhav Narayan Bartalu had come to Pashupati area on Wednesday evening for Magh Krishna Chaturdashi. A building has been arranged in the Pashupati area since ancient times to house Madhav Narayan Bartalu. In that building, Bartalu sleeps on a bed of straw.

After bathing, they have worshiped at Pashupati and offered water to Jayavageshwari. Bartalu has a tradition of going to a small pasture from Jayawageshwari for lunch. Madhav Narayan Bartalu has a fasting method of eating only one meal for a month. From Sano Gaucharan via Narayanhiti to Basantapur via Nakhu Jail, stay at the Shesh Narayan Temple of Dakshinkali Municipality on the night of Magh Krishna Aunshi. On the day of Maghshukla Pratipada, worship is performed by placing Madhav Narayan in the Shesh Narayan temple. After the pooja, Vartalu walks to Shankhamool area. On the night of Maghshukla Pratipada, there is an ancient tradition of walking from Shankhamool to Sankhu and performing the previous fasting method.

Dr. Ghanshyam Khatiwada, executive director of the fund, said that since Madhav Narayan Bartalu will come to Pashupati, since the afternoon of Maghakrishna Chaturdashi, the fire has been burning at Aryaghat, also known as Aryatirtha. He said that arrangements have been made to cremate the body at Aryaghat until Bartalu leaves Pashupati on Thursday. Of the 400 people who used to fast Madhav Narayan last year, only 49 have been kept safe this year due to the Corona epidemic. Mijendra Kaji Shrestha, chairman of the Madhav Narayan Swasthani Vrat and Shali River Improvement Committee, said that 49 people, including 35 women and 14 men, participated in the vrat this time and are preserving the culture of the traditional Madhav Narayan Vrat. He also informed that Bartalu was taken to the Shesh Narayan Temple in Dakshinkali on foot after passing through Basantapur after eating food in a small pasture at Pashupati this morning. Despite the Corona epidemic, the Shalini River continues to be crowded with visitors like last year. Since all areas are open after Corona, visitors are coming to Shali River without any hesitation.

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