The Sun is changing the zodiac sign and entering Aquarius

The Sun, the king of the planet, is entering Aquarius at 9 pm on February 12. Currently, the Sun is with Capricorn and five other planets. According to astrologer Karishma Kaushik, this change in the Sun will affect 12 zodiac signs. For a person with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces, change in financial matters can be very good. Find out in which signs the Sun will give auspicious results in Aquarius solstice and which may be harmful

Aries – Time is very beneficial for a person in Aries. There will be relief from debt and there will be financial gain. The paused task will be completed. There will be benefits from social work. Family members will help. Respect will increase. Health will also improve. Offer Sindur to Surya Dev from a copper vessel. Taurus – A person with Taurus will not get mixed results. Happiness will be achieved. The time is right to do good deeds at home. Property disputes can be resolved. Excessive anger will get you in trouble. It will be beneficial to offer it to the Sun God by keeping it intact in water.

Gemini- A person with Gemini zodiac sign will get happiness from a member of the household. There will be improvement in the education and future of the children. There will be good results for the children. The unmarried have to wait a while. Health will improve. Cancer – A person with Cancer should be careful. Don’t believe in friends, relatives or love affairs. Success will not be a big deal for you. Hard work pays off. Care must also be taken in matters of profession and trade. Eat shakhar every day after meals as long as you are in the Sun Aquarius.

Leo: Your confidence will increase after this appearance. You can also make a new plan. You will work hard in the field and you will be discussed. The situation will be stronger in terms of money trade. A small mistake will weigh heavily on the whole plan. Virgo: This appearance of the sun can be very beneficial for writers and teachers. You will try to improve your lifestyle, eating habits, health habits and sleep. You will focus on the essentials and complete every task.

Libra – This visible Sun sign can increase the problem of Libra. However, many times you will stray from your goal. The problem of money can increase. You will see turmoil in business and profession. You have to be careful while traveling. In this dilemma, you will lose the respect of your loved one. This may not seem right to you. So offer red cloth and pomegranate in the temple on Sunday. Scorpio – Scorpio will increase the respect of people. The reputation of the people working in the government sector will increase. The time is right for the person who is engaged in the competitive examination. Health will improve and you will feel energetic. Relationships with the father will improve and the family business will expand. Donating red fruits will be beneficial.

Sagittarius – For a person with Sagittarius, Gochar can be very beneficial. Benefit from ancestral property. Relation of brothers and sisters will improve. Chanting the mantra ‘Om Grahani Surya Namah’ will bring auspicious results. Capricorn – The Sun is going to enter Aquarius from Capricorn. Time can be a little stressful for someone with this amount. Problems may arise in foreign travel or good deeds. Work can be affected by difficulties and delays. Respect can increase. Stay away from arguments. Take care of your health. Putting sesame seeds in a copper pot and offering water to the sun will be beneficial.

Aquarius – The Sun is about to change in this zodiac sign. Time is of the essence for an Aquarius person. The relationship with the father will improve. You will feel energetic. Laziness will go away and you will complete the task to the best of your ability. Respect will increase and health will improve. That’s why donating a red item will be good for you. Pisces – Pisces person should be careful. Speech can be harsh. Your words will hurt someone. Don’t swear. There will be success in the work. Contingency funds may be available. In this regard, it will be very auspicious to donate Shakhar.

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